Sunday, January 01, 2006

Buckets endorses ... (2)

Continuing my list of endorsements.
  • Jim Prentice (CPC, Calgary Center)
  • James Moore (CPC, Port Moody, BC)
  • Gerald Keddy (CPC, South Shore, NS)
Here I add
  • Josée Verner (CPC, Louis-Saint-Laurent, Quebec)
  • Anne McLellan (Lib., Edmonton Center)
Ms. Verner came second last time and has proved an intelligent and articulate spokesperson for her party in Quebec. More importantly, it would be good for the country for the Conservative Party to have representation in Quebec.

By the same token, it is better for the country for the Liberals to have representation in Alberta, and Anne McLellan has proved a solid cabinet performer when given some very difficult tasks.

Update. The rules of the little game that I've set myself here--and challenge other bloggers to try--are going to be refined. I suggest that those who do this must endorse an equal number of candidates from each of the three main parties. This means that in order for NDP-supporters to expand their lists of endorsed-dippers, they must find more Liberals and Conservatives that they find tolerable. Give it a try.

Update 2. Another rule. Only candidates that have a reasonable shot at winning!


Reality Bites said...

Josée Verner is very strongly against marriage equality.

buckets said...

Crap. But I need a Quebec Conservative who has a chance of winning.

sarah, plain + tall said...

Anne McLellan refused to meet with protesting constituents to discuss Bill C-36, the "anti-terrorist" bill, with its security certificates and such--even though she was in town for the weekend. So they camped out in her office to wait for her. So she had them all arrested.

Party politics mean that it's rather rare for MPs to represent their constituents, even if they're absolute populists while campaigning. Kilgour would've been a better endorsement, if he were running. Or in a party.

(Goldring, in an adjacent riding, represents Turks and Caicos Islands corporate interests in Alberta. Yay!)

D said...

Heward Grafftey has a great shot in Brome-Missisquoi. Internal polling shows him leading the Liberal incumbent and close behind the Bloc.

Somena Woman said...

Prentice, while being the brightests guy they've chosen for the DIA Critic portfolio, does not answer any communications. Screw him. Reed Elley was better.

buckets said...

Hi all,

I'm having some trouble with blogger today--it won't publish any new posts for me. Hopefully this is temporary.