Thursday, January 19, 2006

Linda West's university has a world wide reputation ...

As we've been seeing over the last couple days, Linda West, CPC candidate in Elmswood-Transcona includes as part of her educational background a PhD from "Washington University" (here). This is not the Washington University of St. Louis, but Washington International University, a mail-order outfit in Pennsylvania.

This "university" has been attracting its share of legal troubles. The real Washington University sued it and forced it to change its name to Washington International University (see here). And it was driven out of Hawaii by the Department of Commerce and Consumer affairs (see here).

Washington International University has attracted legal attention from other jurisdictions, too.

Michigan includes it in its list of institutions that will not be recognized in applications for civil service positions.

In Oregon degrees from WIU are "invalid for use in state or licensed employment in Oregon and the use of such degrees can result in criminal prosecution or civil penalties depending on the circumstances of the use".

WIU degrees have been dismissed as worthless in Pakistan, Sweden (see p. 25), and Singapore.

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