Friday, January 20, 2006

Conservative candidate complains to the OPP about Defend Marriage callout

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been demon-dialed today with a message from Defend Marriage Canada. It is Pat O'Brien's voice idenifying himself as having left the Liberal party over bill C-36, the same-sex marriage bill, asking several automated questions and then informing me that the endorsed candidate in my riding was [insert-name of Conservative candidate].

Shrug. Who cares. 15 minutes later, the same call.

Less of a shrug. Might care a little bit. 15 minutes later, the same call.

Now I'm annoyed enough that I phone the campaign office in question. A nice young man answers, but as soon as I mention the calls becomes very apologetic insisting that Defend Marriage have nothing to do with them. Apparently they've been getting angry phone calls all day, and that… get this … they've phoned the OPP to complain about the calls.

That is not all. The young man said that the OPP complaint was originally filed by Lois Brown's campaign, where this calling has been going on all day.

So, it seems that the conservatives have not been able to keep their crazy aunt hidden in the attic, and at least in these two ridings, it seems that they're doing some damage.

(By the way, if you get one of these calls, be sure to phone your local conservative candidate. It'll keep them off-balance going into election day.)

Update. Apparently even Conservatives find the calls annoying. See this thread over at Free Dominion

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