Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Josee Verner's social policies?

Josee Verner is the Conservative Candidate in

the Interim, a prolife publication:
The best result for the CPC among the Quebec candidates was in Louis-Saint-Laurent, an eastern suburb of Quebec City, where Josee Verner, an anti-life and pro-gay marriage candidate, got more than 30 per cent, second place behind the BQ.
A comment to an earlier post pointed out this post over at Tasteful Future, asserts the opposite:
the candidate who ran away from a post-press conference interview was the only star candidate the CPC has in the region, Josée Werner, who was actually grabbed by Tory campaign people and stormed out of the room when the gay marriage issue came up. It's to be noted she has very strong views against same-sex marriage, which isn't a winner in Québec.
Anyone know anything more about this?

Update: Canadian Press NewsWire, January 20, 2005: "Harper's Quebec wing, including his unelected Quebec lieutenant, Josee Verner, openly support gay marriage, a woman's right to an abortion and other liberal-leaning positions."

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JS said...

Either way Buckets, if you wanted to choose a Conservative candidate in Quebec with a chance of victory, you should have chosen Lawrence Cannon in Pontiac. He's definitely pro-SSM (since that seems pretty important to you), but he's also a much more substantive politician than Ms. Verner.