Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Linda West's university's legal troubles in Hawaii

As we've been seeing, Linda West, CPC candidate in Elmswood-Transcona includes as part of her educational background a PhD from "Washington University" (here). This is not the Washington University of St. Louis (which is a top University), but Washington International University, a mail-order outfit in Pennsylvania with a faculty of seven.

This "university" has been attracting its share of legal troubles because of its activities. The real Washington University sued it and forced it to change its name to Washington International University (see here).

The office of Consumer Protection in Hawaii, where WIU was based, brought complaints against it in 1999 that it violated consumer protection laws (pdf here) and required it (among other things) "to dissolve its Hawaii corporation and shall not represent in any literature or promotional documents it is incorporated in or affiliiated with the state of Hawaii." (item 6 of the judgement: pdf, here). According to the Hawaii Dept. of Commer and Consumer Affairs, WIU Hawaii dissolved in March 2000 (here).

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