Monday, January 02, 2006

DanReport: which MP and board president discussed separatism with Stamp/Psycho?

As regular readers know, Gordon Stamp, who posted regularly on Freedominion and elsewhere under the handle Stamp, resigned his position as campaign chair of Conservative MP Peter Goldring over posts that expressed separatist sympathies.

In one of these posts (here), Stamp reports that he was part of a discussion about separatism with other officials in the CPC.
It was funny sitting at a table a few months ago when one long term MP, our Board president and I were in a conversation. Our president was telling the MP that although most of the people he worked with supported separatism, it wasn't going to fly. The MP told him to check out his Board because he would find separatist sentiment. I smiled and raised my hand - if looks could kill... The point is that the CPC candidates know what is going on. They (as Preston Manning did) are trying to stave off the destruction of Canada.
Over at the Dan Report, Dan speculates on which Conservative MP it was. Those who want to keep up with the story may want to check it out.

It strikes me that before that question can be answered, it would be easier to identify the board president that Stamp mentions. Anyone know?

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