Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Buckets endorses ... (4)

Continuing my list of endorsements.
  • Jim Prentice (CPC, Calgary Center)
  • James Moore (CPC, Port Moody, BC)
  • Gerald Keddy (CPC, South Shore, NS)
  • Josée Verner (CPC, Louis-Saint-Laurent, Quebec)
  • Anne McLellan (Lib., Edmonton Center)
  • Olivia Chow (NDP, Trinity-Spadina)
  • Andrew Lewis (Green, Saanich Islands, BC)
Here I add:
  • Brenda Locke (Lib, Fleetwood-Port Kells, BC)
  • Jennifer Pollock (Lib, Calgary West)

Today's endorsements have almost nothing to do with the candidates themselves. They are the beneficiaries of an 'anybody but…' process.

Brenda Locke is not normally the kind of candidate I would enthuse about. But she's running against Nina Grewal, who doesn't belong in Parliament (see here)
Jennifer who? I know nothing about her. But the Liberals were the second place finishers (16k) to Rob Anders last time (31k). Maybe she doesn't have a chance of winning (rule 2). But hey--a guy can dream, can't he?

Take the Buckets Challenge. The rules: (1) try to create a list of candidates whom you would like to see in parliament that is balanced amongst parties and (2) contains only candidates who have a reasonable chance of winning. (Bonus marks for those who also provide gender balance!)

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