Sunday, January 01, 2006

CPC MP says separation never discussed

For those tuning in late, Gordon Stamp, campaign chair in Edmonton East for Conservative MP Peter Goldring, resigned the other day when it was revealed that he had expressed separatist sympathies--he now denies he's a separatist--on Free Dominion. (See the three posts starting here; for a good overview of events, see the summary here.)

Conservative MP Goldring, naturally enough, tried to distance himself from Stamp and Free Dominion (here). The Journal adds:
Goldring, who was on his way back to Edmonton from New Brunswick, said he has known Stamp for eight years, but they had never discussed Alberta separation.
One would hope so. Psycho/Stamp has said some things on the internet that would seem to contradict that (here):
It was funny sitting at a table a few months ago when one long term MP, our Board president and I were in a conversation. Our president was telling the MP that although most of the people he worked with supported separatism, it wasn't going to fly. The MP told him to check out his Board because he would find separatist sentiment. I smiled and raised my hand - if looks could kill...

The point is that the CPC candidates know what is going on.
Stamp stops short of identifying the Conservative MP to whom he confessed his separatist leanings. But he is quite emphatic in his statement that Edmonton's CPC MPs know that there are separatists in their midst.

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