Sunday, January 01, 2006

new comments policy

Please note that I generally don't turn the comment-feature on. Comments, to be frank, are a bit of a headache, and I don't have the patience to baby-sit.

When I do allow comments, they will be normally be moderated, and potential commentators should know that I am selective about what I allow. Honest disagreement is fine, when expressed respectfully and concisely. Comments that I judge to be off-topic, irrelevant, glib, or unreasonably disputatious will be rejected, as will ad hominem attacks, general trollishness, or base stupidity. There will be absolutely no name-calling, eye-gouging, or hair-pulling. Overly lengthy comments are not welcome--it is better to make your argument in your own blog and link to it in your comments. And 'cut-and-paste' from other sites is forbidden. Again, link and summarize.  Generally speaking, opinions submitted by those without active blogs will have a harder time making the cut. 

Decisions are final.  If you don't like this, feel free to denounce me -- but elsewhere. (Comments on this comment policy will not be approved.)