Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Strategic voting in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound: vote Liberal

Strategic tactical voting in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound
Strategic voting in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound
A new local poll reveals another riding that is surprisingly competitive: Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound, which includes the city of Owen Sound and towns such as Port Elgin, Southampton, Walkerton, Wiarton, Lucknow, Hanover, and Meaford.

The riding has been reliably Conservative since 2004, sending Larry Miller to Ottawa with ever increasing margins.

The voters of Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound, however, may have had enough of the Conservatives.

A poll in the riding in September showed some weakness and a new poll released today confirms that:

Strategic voting in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound

To judge from today's poll, the Liberals may be within striking distance if a few more Greens and NDP back them.

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