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Strategic voting in Elmwood-Transcona: vote NDP

Strategic voting in Elmwood-Transcona: vote NDP

Strategic Voting in Elmwood-Transcona
Strategic voting in Elmood-Transcona
Winnipeg has become an important battle ground in the recent election. In the last election, in 2011, six of the eight ridings that include part of Winnipeg went Conservative. In several of these, strategic voting could make a difference.  One of these is Elmwood-Transcona.
  • Elmwood-Transcona is currently held by a CPC incumbent, Lawrence Toet, who captured the seat in 2011 with a margin of 284 votes;
  • the NDP candidate is Daniel Blaikie, son of Bill Blaikie, who represented Elmwood-Transcona from 1979 to 2008
  • two polls taken in Elmwood-Transcona conducted by in August and September place the NDP support at 37% and 39%; the CPC at 30% and 39%; the Liberals at 25% and 20%; and Greens were 6% and 4%;
  • projects the NDP have a 63% of winning;
  • see the discussion at
  • strategic voters in Elmwood-Transcona should vote NDP

Update on Elmwood-Transcona

The CBC has a story on the NDP campaign in Elmwood-Transcona, which is pushing Blaikie as the strategic choice

Strategic voting in Elmwood-Transcona
NDP literature pushes strategic voting in Elmwood-Transcona

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