Friday, October 09, 2015

Strategic voting in London North Centre: vote Liberal

London North Centre is a very good example of the consequences of the splitting  of the anti-Conservative vote.
Strategic tactical voting in London North Centre
Strategic voting in
London North Centre

In the 2011 election, Conservative Susan Truppe was elected with 37% of the vote; the Liberals were at 34%; the NDP, 25%; the Greens, 4%. 

Since the start of the Election there have been three polls in the riding:
  • Environics (Oct. 4): Con (32%), Lib. (48%), NDP (15%), Green (5%)
  • Environics (Sept. 20): Con (35%), Lib. (35%), NDP (25%), Green (5%)
  • Environics (Aug. 16): Con (32%), Lib. (34%), NDP (27%), Green (5%)
The most recent suggests that the Liberals will take the seat; the two earlier polls, however, imply that vote splitting could again allow the election of a Conservative here against the wishes of most voters.  Strategic voters should therefore vote Liberal here.

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