Sunday, October 04, 2015

Strategic Voting in Kildonan-St. Paul: Vote NDP

Kildonan-St. Paul: vote NDP

Strategic voting in Kildonan-St. Paul
Strategic voting in Kildonan-St. Paul
In recent posts, I suggested strategic voters in Elmwood-Transcona should vote NDP, and in Winnipeg South Centre, strategic voters are best advised to vote Liberal. In this post, I will argue that although Kildonan-St. Paul is a long shot, tactical voters should back the NDP.
  • The incumbent MP for Kildonan-St. Paul, Conservative Joy Smith, has decided not to run for re-election;
  • gives CPC an 80% chance of holding the riding;
  • in 2011, the CPC got 58% of the vote; the NDP, 30%; and the Libs, 8%. 
  • for further developments, consult the profile and the ongoing discussion 
  • strategic voters should probably back the NDP candidate