Friday, October 09, 2015

Strategic voting in Brantford-Brant: vote NDP

Vote Splitting in Brantford-Brant
Strategic voting in Brantford-Brant
Brantford—Brant is another Ontario riding where strategic voting could be important.  It is interesting because it was for a long time the riding of NDP stalwart Derek Blackburn, then of Liberal cabinet minister Jane Stewart, and has been Conservative since 2008. In addition to Brantford and Brant, it includes the Six Nations.

In 2011 the election results were fairly solidly Conservative (49%), as compared to Lib (19%), NDP (29%), and Green (3%).  

An Environics poll of Sept. 20 placed support for the parties at Con (39%), Lib (25%), NDP (30%), and Green (6%). In Brantford-Brant, strategic voters should avoid vote splitting by supporting the NDP.

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