Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Strategic voting in Saskatoon-University: Vote NDP

The riding of Saskatoon-University is turning out to be another race where strategic voting could make a difference.
Tactical voting in Saskatoon-University
Strategic voting in Saskatoon-University
  • Like many ridings in Saskatchewan, the riding has had its boundaries redrawn.
  • If the results of the 2011 election are recast in the new boundaries (as has done by electionprediction.org) the vote would have been: Con (49%) / Lib (10%) / NDP (38%) / Green (3%)
  • Two recent polls have surveyed voting intentions (link):
    • In August: Con (34%) / Lib (22%) / NDP (41%) / Green (4%)
    • In Sept: Con (37%) / Lib (22%) / NDP (37%) / Green (4/4%)
The September polls suggest the race is quite close and strategic voters should vote NDP.

Update.  Votetogether.ca has now endorsed the NDP for Strategic voting in Saskatoon-University.

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