Monday, October 05, 2015

Strategic voting Regina--Lewvan: vote NDP

Strategic voting could be important in Saskatchewan in the current federal election.  I have already pointed out that tactical voters in Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River should vote NDP.

Strategic voting Regina--Lewvan
Strategic voting Regina--Lewvan
The same advice holds for the riding of Regina-Lewvan: vote NDP.  The boundaries have been changed since the last election. Electionprediction, which currently lists the riding as too-close-to-call, redistributed the votes from 2011 into the new riding and found they would be Con (44%) / Lib (8%) / NDP (45%) / Green (3%).  A recent conducted poll of the riding, however, placed the Conservative support at 40%, the Liberals at 21% and the NDP at 34%. Eric Grenier at predicts that the NDP will take the seat, but rates its chances at only 53%.

To defeat the Conservatives in Regina-Lewan, voters should cast a strategic vote for the NDP.

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