Thursday, October 08, 2015

Strategic voting in Edmonton Riverbend: vote NDP

Strategic tactical voting in Edmonton Riverbend
Strategic voting in Edmonton Riverbend
Edmonton Riverbend is another riding where strategic voting could make a difference.

It is a new constituency, being more or less coterminous with what used to be Edmonton-Leduc, represented by long time MP, James Rajotte.  This has always been a safe CPC seat.  If the 2011 results of those three ridings were cast within the new riding boundaries, the results would be (link): Con (59%), NDP (21%), Lib (17%), Green (5%).

Those results should imply that the seat is relatively safe, and recent polling suggests that the riding might still go Conservative.  An Environics poll from Sept. 16 suggests that strategic voting could make a difference.  It found that support in the riding was Con (44%), NDP (34%), Lib (18%), Green (4%).

Strategic voters in Edmonton-Riverbend, therefore, should vote NDP.

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