Monday, January 02, 2006

Buckets endorses ... (3)

Continuing my list of endorsements.
  • Jim Prentice (CPC, Calgary Center)
  • James Moore (CPC, Port Moody, BC)
  • Gerald Keddy (CPC, South Shore, NS)
  • Josée Verner (CPC, Louis-Saint-Laurent, Quebec)
  • Anne McLellan (Lib., Edmonton Center)
Here I add:
  • Olivia Chow (NDP, Trinity-Spadina)
  • Andrew Lewis (Green, Saanich Islands, BC)
Olivia Chow probalby needs not much explanation. To it can be added that I don't much like the incumbant whom she would be unseating (Ianno: see here, e.g.).

Andrew Lewis is one of the few Greens that has a chance of winnig. It's a long-shot, admittedly, but he got 10,000 votes last time, and in a four-way split he's in striking distance.

(I am sticking with Ms. Verner for now, despite her views on ssm-marriage as pointed out in the comments of her thread; I am willing to hold my nose on this one occasionally. [Update: are we sure that Verner is in fact against ssm? Look at this article in the Interim out of Campaign Life: it describes her as anti-life and pro-ssm marriage.)

Take the Buckets Challenge. The rules: try to create a list of candidates whom you would like to see in parliament that is balanced amongst parties and contains only candidates who have a reasonable chance of winning. (Bonus marks for those who also provide gender balance!)

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Jason Cherniak said...

Actually, I think Olivia Chow needs a lot of explanation. I have always been completely unimpressed with her on Toronto City Council.

I am debating whether I can do this without causing a stir as the administrator of Liblogs. I'll decide after the debate.